It is my aim to post on this website neat, detailed solutions to as many problems in textbooks of mathematics, science, and engineering that I can get a hold of. The solutions will be available for free as PDF files. University students, scholars, and independent learners around the world will undoubtedly find this website to be a valuable resource. My work here is dedicated to the future generations of mathematicians, scientists, and engineers.

The STEM Textbook Index

In the "STEM Book Index" section all of the textbooks that I have written solutions for are listed alphabetically by the primary author's last name. The latest edition of each book will be used, but if there happen to be more problems in an earlier edition, I will post them as well and note the edition. Exceptions will be made for the books by Churchill and Boyce and DiPrima because many of the problems were deleted in the latest editions.

For every problem a statement and solution are provided. The point of this is so that you have a chance to solve the problem on your own before looking at the solution. Note that problem-solving skills are not developed by reading solutions alone, much like how watching Michael Jordan play basketball won't make you a better basketball player. Nevertheless, when you are forced to solve problems in a limited amount of time, they can be really helpful. I try to explain what I do and why as simply as possible to help those trying to learn.

Help Support the Website

In the "Support" section you will find links to PayPal and Patreon to make a donation if you wish. The digital currencies, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC), are also accepted. All the money will be used to pay for the maintenance of this website. I appreciate all contributions regardless of how big or small they are. If you do make a donation, please let me know what textbook you would like me to write solutions for. Whichever textbook people have donated the most for is the one I will focus on. A list will be kept here of the donation progress. Thanks, Mr. Rizvi. Any support is much appreciated. I'm so glad my solutions have been helpful for you.

Private Tutoring

In the "Private Tutoring" section you will find my email address, my current location, and solutions I was paid to write to help those who have contacted me. If you live nearby and would like one-on-one assistance with your studies, we can arrange a meeting. Rates are negotiable, depending on how much time and effort is needed on my part. Even if you live far away, I can still write a solution, and we can chat via instant messenger. I'll do my best for you if I can help.

Thank you for reading this.

The STEM Jock