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Discussion Topic 1A Topic 1B Topic 1C
Question D1A.1 Exercise E1A.1 Problem P1A.1 Exercise E1B.1 Problem P1B.1 Exercise E1C.1 Problem P1C.1 Problem P1C.15
Question D1A.2 Exercise E1A.2 Problem P1A.2 Exercise E1B.2 Problem P1B.2 Exercise E1C.2 Problem P1C.2 Problem P1C.16
Question D1B.1 Exercise E1A.3 Problem P1A.3 Exercise E1B.3 Problem P1B.3 Exercise E1C.3 Problem P1C.3 Problem P1C.17
Question D1B.2 Exercise E1A.4 Problem P1A.4 Exercise E1B.4 Problem P1B.4 Exercise E1C.4 Problem P1C.4 Problem P1C.18
Question D1B.3 Exercise E1A.5 Problem P1A.5 Exercise E1B.5 Problem P1B.5 Exercise E1C.5 Problem P1C.5 Problem P1C.19
Question D1C.1 Exercise E1A.6 Problem P1A.6 Exercise E1B.6 Problem P1B.6 Exercise E1C.6 Problem P1C.6 Problem P1C.20
Question D1C.2 Exercise E1A.7 Problem P1A.7 Exercise E1B.7 Problem P1B.7 Exercise E1C.7 Problem P1C.7 Problem P1C.21
Question D1C.3 Exercise E1A.8 Problem P1A.8 Exercise E1B.8 Problem P1B.8 Exercise E1C.8 Problem P1C.8 Problem P1C.22
Activity I1.1 Exercise E1A.9 Problem P1A.9 Exercise E1B.9 Problem P1B.9 Exercise E1C.9 Problem P1C.9 Problem P1C.23
Activity I1.2 Exercise E1A.10 Problem P1A.10 Problem P1B.10 Problem P1C.10 Problem P1C.24
Activity I1.3 Exercise E1A.11 Problem P1A.11 Problem P1B.11 Problem P1C.11
Problem P1A.12 Problem P1C.12
Problem P1A.13 Problem P1C.13
Problem P1A.14 Problem P1C.14